3 Practical Dos and A Don’t for Shutting Down That Destructive Voice

We all have an inner critic of varying degrees and sizes. While at times that inner voice can act as a reality check, in general it tends to pull us down, sow doubt in our capabilities and knock our confidence.

Your inner critic is great at picking solitary and usually arbitrary criteria to make you feel back. It uses this narrow criteria to compare yourself to others and frame yourself as a failure. It acts as if this one area it selects is the only thing important in your life, and ignores all the other things you’ve achieved. …

Change is tough, especially in January, but here are some hacks to stick to your new goals.

The problem with New Years is we have this societal compulsion to reinvent ourselves, and effectively be better people or versions of ourselves. But the 1st of January is just another day, despite what we might hope for it doesn’t possess any magical powers to sustain motivation.

We also hate change. The amygdala part of the brain is programmed to react and shut down risks or potential dangers. This function is rooted in our evolution to protect us from danger and risks centuries ago, however in 2021 this function trips a switch to resist change. …

A Career Coach’s two tips for careers during Covid 19.

Six months into a global pandemic, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been caught off guard by 2020. Many of us can feel trapped in our jobs. Bonuses have been stalled. Promotions have been postponed. Remote working has created a distant & demotivated work environment. Staff have been furloughed, or even fired. A looming economic recession makes moving jobs a risky decision.

With such a negative outlook for the future, how do you make the most out of your situation?


We start by focusing on the controllables. The key to survival, we’ll get to success later, is…

From ancient Japanese concepts to modern coaching techniques these five tools can help you take back control of your career.

As a Career Coach I’m a passionate believer that we all have the power to shape our career path and find fulfilling work. Csikszentmihalyionce in his groundbreaking book, Flow, argues that our brain is naturally set to chaos. Our lives are so complex with competing interests vying for our attention that for many of us we don’t know where to begin when it comes to structuring our thoughts.

The tools I’ve provided below are designed to give you a system and process to give order to that internal chaos. …

Challenging problematic expectations we have about the “perfect job”

Expectations are fundamental when you are looking for the ideal job. Note that I’m not saying the perfect job, I’m talking about ideal, because perfection is a myth. When it comes to work, whether it is finding a new job, job crafting your existing employment or looking for a promotion we can all be guilty of perpetuating myths about work that are unhealthy and create a false expectation whereby you are setting yourself up for failure.

To find the ideal job you need to identify and work on your unique Why. It’s what motivates you to get out of bed…

What to consider when thinking of career moves during a global pandemic

Covid-19 has forced many of us to re-assess our priorities in life while providing ample time to reflect on what is really important to us, leading many to think about change.

When your life is turned upside down and you are restricted from seeing friends and family, you’re working from home or been given reduced hours or perhaps furloughed, your holidays have been cancelled and your usual self-care rituals of sport, shopping or socialising have been cut off, it creates ample time to think about life and what’s really important.

For anyone finding a new sense of self in these…

Some simple steps to find motivation at work

If you regularly tune into my IGTV, Instagram updates or my blogs you’ll notice I took roughly a month long break.

It wasn’t an intentional break, but I found myself struggling to stay motivated in my day job which left little to no energy to think about blogging and topics people might actually want to hear about during a global pandemic.

My motivation and focus took a hit in the early stages of the pandemic. I am a people person, which explains why I spend my spare time coaching. But I thrive off other people’s energy, team meetings, bouncing ideas…

How can we better manage our stress level when we work from home?

It feels like the world’s stress levels are at boiling point with on the hour updates about Covid 19 infections, critical cases and deaths. We’re socially distancing and many of us are missing our friends, family & colleagues.

Against this already quite stressful backdrop we are transitioning to working from home. How do you keep your cool and manage your stress when you’re away from your team and working remotely?

Go Easy on Yourself

We are our own worst enemies. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than we expect from others. Remember stress is normal. Getting upset or frustrated with yourself is a…

In the rapidly changing world of work, understanding your motivations and values is the key to success

It’s so easy, maybe too easy, to pinpoint what we don’t like in life, whereas figuring out what you actually enjoy can be more difficult. My area of expertise lies in supporting people who want to make a change in their career. The foundations for any change in your career is to figure out what fundamentally motivates you, what are your values, essentially what is your Why?

Your Why is basically your secret sauce of what makes you work well. What are the factors that need to be present in your life to make you happiest at work and at…

Protecting our mental health & staying motivated in a Covid-19 Shutdown.

Remote working is sharply on the rise as countries and employers take precautions against the spread of Covid19. If you find yourself working from home in the coming weeks and days then here are 34 simple tips to prevent the onset of cabin fever and maintain a level of productivity.

  1. Set your alarm as normal. Set 10 even. You want to stick as close as possible to your normal routine.
  2. Get out of bed. Don’t rollover and work from under your duvet.
  3. Exercise before you work. You’re not commuting, so use that time to go for a walk outside or…

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